This Indian Guy Asked Gordon Ramsay To Rate His Medu Wada-Chutney And His Reply Is SAVAGE


Gordon Ramsay is the reigning God of everything culinary and there are no two ways about it! Apart from being the Masterchef he is, Gordon is also the unclaimed king of wit and sarcasm. And I say this after everything he has said on national/ international television. Be it his insults or personalised comments, every word makes a wisecrack!

In fact a few days ago, he gave his verdict about the purpose/ existence of pineapple pizza and Twitter was divided. Well, now the British Chef has sparked another fire and only time will tell where it’ll unfurl!

It all started when a Twitter user, @Sychlops asked Gordon Ramsay to rate his medu wada and narial chutney. Looks fine?


Well, it wasn’t for Gordon who instead replied, 

WOAH!!!! That’s harsh words for a medu wada lover. Really harsh! *cries in a corner*



1. Take that!


2. ROFL’n


3. Sau baat ki ek baat!


4. Get it?


5. Dishkiyaaon dishkiyaaon

Your turn, South India!

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