Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Think Pineapple Goes On Pizza And Twitter Is Fighting World War III


The world, every other day, is faced with a lot of dreaded questions that might in return have a lot of repercussions. But nothing compares to the much-debated debacle of pineapple pizza and its existence! Yes, I know you have an opinion too but guess what you’re going to eat your words, just like I did.


[Just in case, you were living under a stone]

So, the God of everything culinary, Chef Gordon Ramsay has finally weighed in on the question, most pertinent after ‘Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara?” And we now have one less pressing problem to solve!


It all started when, a Twitter user tagged Gordon Ramsay, saying things I’m sure all of us love talking about- pizza toppings. Here, with pineapple!



But the the sweet-turned-sour exchange was cut short with chef’s one-liner.


However, the internet, being internet, is fighting over food and behold, if you haven’t picked a side!

1. *screams*


2. Eeekkkkk


3. Ooops!


4. Strong words, strong feelings!



5. God bless thee!


6. What did I just see?


7. Loud and clear!


8. We have a pacifier in the house!




10. y Gordo, y?

But for fans, the Lord has spoken. Now we can go back to cribbing about global warming and corrupt politicians. Until next time!

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