13-YO Gang-Rape Survivor Raped Again By Police Officer, Riteish Deshmukh Calls For Action

Rape, sexual misconduct, and eve-teasing have become so common in our country that almost every day we hear of someone being a victim. Humans have stooped so low that even kids, the elderly, and animals are not spared. And the irony is, that the victims are blamed for the heinous crimes against themselves.

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Yet again, a piece of depressing news has come to light wherein a 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a police officer at his police station in Uttar Pradesh, reported CNN. It’s even more shocking because the little girl had gone to the cops to file a report against four men who allegedly kidnapped her and then gang-raped her.

But instead of helping the girl and her family get justice, the SHO of a police station in Lalitpur district, Tilakdhari Saroj, decided to exploit her modesty.

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After the girl reported against the SHO, an investigation was called by higher authorities. All the police personnel in the station have been removed and are reprimanded. The accused cop has also been arrested. However, he claimed that he was innocent.

As for the other four men who allegedly took the girl to Bhopal, raped her for four days, and then left her in her village, they have also been arrested. In fact, a woman was also put behind bars in connection with the incident.

It was hard to believe that something of this sort can happen in this country. Several people including Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh condemned the act and called for an immediate probe into the matter.

“If this is true then nothing can be worse than this. If our protectors become our exploiters then where will the common man go to seek justice? Such people should be prosecuted in the public eye. Government should take immediate actions and punish the accused as soon as possible,” he tweeted in Hindi.

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Now, who will protect us from people who are levied with the responsibilities of keeping us safe and maintaining law and order in society?

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