“Happy Birthday Pappa,” Writes Riteish Deshmukh As He Misses His Late Father’s Loving Embrace

It is no secret that a parent’s death leaves a big void in our lives. And no matter how hard we try to fill it with other people and things; all of them are woefully inadequate. The emptiness and grief remain in our hearts forever.

According to The Times of India, on the former Maharashtra CM late Vilasrao Deshmukh’s 75th birth anniversary, his son Riteish shared an emotional video saying, “Happy Birthday PAPPA….. Miss you everyday!!”

Genelia Deshmukh also remembered him by adding, “Riaan’s teacher asked him “What are you most proud of” .. His answer was. “My Ajoba”.. You are our pride Pappa.. We feel your presence everyday and know that you are looking after us wherever you are..You live in us and we celebrate you every single day. Happy Birthday Pappa❤️”

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While we can’t fill the void left by a loved one’s death, we sure can make them proud by remembering what they taught us and implementing the learnings in our lives.

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