“Women Fat Like A Barrel, Don’t Have Hips Like Figure 8,” DMK Leader Slammed For Sexist Remark

People online have been swelling with anger at the sexist comments made by politicians in the past weeks, from Uttarakhand CM saying women who wear ripped jeans set “a bad example” to society; to Bengal MLA making another remark on how women should be conscious of their surrounding while dressing.

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Now, DMK leader Dindigul I Leoni has recently come under fire for his sexist remarks while making a speech at an election campaign rally in Coimbatore. Holding the mic, he can be heard saying how women “have lost their figures, putting on weight after consuming the milk of foreign cows”. Moreover, the audience present at the event can be heard laughing and clapping in response, The Indian Express reports. Here’s the clip:

He can be heard saying how women used to be ‘thin and their hips would have curves’ and now they ‘no longer have figure 8’. He states, “You know, there are many types of cows. In farms, you would have seen foreign cows. People use a milking machine for foreign cows. A person will switch on the machine and 40 litres of milk will come out in an hour. By drinking that milk, all our women have become fat like a balloon. Earlier, a woman’s figure looked like the number 8. They could carry children on their hips. But now, if they hold a child, it slips away because they have become like a barrel. All our children have also become fat.”

People on social media were quick to slam his derogatory remarks:

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