40 Gangsters Party In Delhi To Celebrate Release Of Fellow Criminal Out On Bail, Get Busted


We have come across stories of many ‘covidiots’ who are risking their safety to party during the current COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, a Delhi club’s owners were booked for hosting a ‘secret’ party with 31 guests & illegal booze or a Texas man who passed away after attending the infamous ‘COVID-19 party’.

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As per a report in The Indian Express, a criminal called Sunny alias Nandi, who is a part of Delhi’s notorious Naveen Khati gang, was accused of robbery, a double murder, and attacking police personnel as well. He was recently released from prison on an interim bail so as to seek medical support and assistance till August 31, 2020.

However, on the night of his temporary release, the police received news of a party being held in Sunny’s honor at the Ponchapur village near Dwarka. Celebrating his prison release, around 40 gangsters were found celebrating at the venue, News18  reports. Further investigation also revealed that they were discussing to break away from the Naveen Khati Gang, and forming their own under Sunny’s leadership.

As per India Today, the police proceeded to bust the party and were able to arrest a total of 37 gangsters. They also detained 5 gangsters with past criminal cases for carrying illegal arms. They also seized 13 catridges, 4 automatic country-made pistols, and 1 short handgun alongside 3 luxury cars.

Unfortunately, Nandi along with two other gangsters was able to scale a wall and flee before the police caught them. The other attendees have been booked for violating social distancing norms which disallow more than 10 people from gathering in one place.

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