Man Mocking Coronavirus Licks Supermarket Shelves, Gets Charged With Making A Terror Threat


Several people across the world, right from cops to celebrities, have been urging people to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Governments have put several states under lockdown as a preventive measure to avoid the deadly virus from spreading. However, all the pleas are falling on deaf ears when it comes to some youngsters. Forget about adhering to the precautionary norms, they are seen seeing mocking the deadly virus on social media.

And one among them is this 26-year-old lad from Warrenton, Missouri. In a video shared online earlier this month, Cody Pfister was seen licking toiletries at a Walmart. He also joked about the current situation and said, “Who’s scared of coronavirus,” reported Mail Online.

However, soon after people from across different countries complained about his bizarre act, the cops charged Cody with making a terror threat. He was reportedly arrested for ‘knowingly causing a false belief or fear that a condition involving danger to life existed.’

“We take this incident very seriously, especially with this infectious disease and the state that the country is in. We take these things seriously to protect our community,” Lt. Justin Unger told NBC News. FYI, Cody has previous convictions for burglary and theft.

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People online including TV presenter, Piers Morgan condemned his actions and said that he should be denied healthcare if he contracts coronavirus.

ATM, the death toll around the world has reached 22,000. We sincerely urge people to stay in complete isolation, wash your hands frequently and stay hygienic as much as possible. Your carelessness might cost a life.

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