Kerala Cops Release Second Video With A Skit On Breaking The Coronavirus Chain

People across the world have been sharing their advice on how to stay safe amidst these tough times. From Amitabh Bachchan to Kartik Aaryan, even B-town personalities expressed their concern over COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, Kanika Kapoor was tested positive for coronavirus.

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Kerala cops had also earlier demonstrated steps to wash hands by syncing their dance moves. They have yet again, released an awareness video teaching people how to fight the virus. In a video released recently, the cops have tried to demonstrate how to break the coronavirus chain and avoid the infection from spreading, reported News18.

In the video, a man is seen strolling around the street, throwing pebbles at a tree. That’s when he spots the ‘coronavirus’, teasing him, reported TOI. Frightened by it, the man runs away from it while the virus chases him. Within minutes of running around, he turns back and faces the virus confidently because there’s a masked cop and a doctor to his rescue.

In the next scene, they hand him some sanitiser and a mask. He’s then geared up to fight the virus. And as intended, the virus flees from the spot in a jiffy.

“We stand by the people,” the text with the video translates. This video is for health workers, volunteers, colleagues, journalists and the public, read the Tweet.

People appreciated the creative efforts of the cops in spreading the word:

It is indeed commendable how Kerala cops are doing all it takes to save the lives of people. Kudos for your efforts!