Desis Online Share Precious Childhood Memories Of Playing With ‘Crazy Balls’

Childhood memories of the good old days give us solace but it’s equally difficult to come back from there after a nostalgia trip! The games we played, the shows we watched, and the things we used back in the day would always be dearest to us and would probably never fade from our minds.

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Recently, people online went down memory lane when someone tweeted an image of multi-coloured balls.

The memory of playing with the ‘Crazy Balls’ AKA ‘Ping Pong Balls’ was revived with people sharing how they had a wonderful and sometimes painful childhood, courtesy the zor zor se uchalney wali ball.

Crazy memories of the crazy balls.

Ah yes, they got lost in the blink of an eye.

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The balls also reminded some of the ‘Marble Kanche’.

I remember cutting one of these balls into half to see what was inside. Do you still have one?

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