‘Rail Gadi’ To ‘Poshampa’ People Tweet Sweet Memories Of Playing A Childhood Game From The 90s


Pakdam pakdai, chhupan chhupai, lagori, gilli-danda, if any of these names ring a bell to you then your childhood was probably AWESOME! Before modern technology took over, desi kids would spend hours outdoors playing such classic games with their friends. With a new game to play every day, these bachpan ke khel were absolute love.

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Speaking of which, IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra recently shared an image of his childhood memory that evoked nostalgia for many people. Posting an image of a classic 90s game, he asked people to guess its name correctly.

Do you know the name of this game? 😉

Many people happily obliged and named this childhood game. But what’s interesting is that it’s recognized by different names in different cities, like many other desi games. For instance ‘chhupan chhupai’ is also called ‘luka chupi’ in other states. Well, have a look at what this iconic game was called by different people.

Hit with nostalgia, several others also shared the mazedar songs they sang while happily playing this game.

A few others emotionally remembered those happy days.

While it seems the game was popularly known as ‘Poshampa’, we used to call this game ‘Rail gadi’! How about you? Tell us!

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