Man Falls In Love With Mom-In-Law, Dad-In-Law Arranges Their Wedding & They Get Married

In a plot twist that could give competition to any Bollywood drama, a man from Heer Moti village in Bihar decided to take his relationship with his mother-in-law to the next level, leaving the entire village buzzing with disbelief…and perhaps a hint of amusement!

Sikandar Yadav found himself moving in with his in-laws after the unfortunate passing of his wife. However, nobody could ever imagine that this domestic arrangement would lead to a bizarre love story – that between Sikandar and his mother-in-law Geeta Devi, reported News18. The two started having a full-fledged affair, even with Sikandar’s father-in-law Dileshwar Darve around.

Soon, Darve got to know about their love affair and the news spread faster than gossip in their small village. Eventually, the panchayat got to know too. After a heartfelt confession from Sikandar, the panchayat came to an unprecedented decision. With the approval of Dileshwar Darve himself, the village elders agreed to Sikandar and Geeta Devi tying the knot.

What’s even more bizarre is that the father-in-law arranged for the wedding! In a scene straight out of a sitcom, Sikandar joyfully adorned Geeta’s forehead with sindoor, not once but four times. A video of the incident went viral. Have a look:

Thus, through the narrow lanes of village life, another chapter was written, proving that love knows no bounds, not even the bounds of propriety and common sense!

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