From Gum To Ink Pens, Desis Share Pics Of Things That Defined Their Childhood

A while back, someone shared an image of an old-school liquid bindi box and it unlocked a host of childhood memories for many women who in turn shared how they used to make face art using it. But that is not the only childhood possession that gets us nostalgic. There are many others like retro electronic devices, glue bottles, ink pens, pencil boxes and even dividers that came in geometry boxes.

And people on Twitter are remembering all of those in the ‘I am this old’ trend going viral online. Take a look.

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Everyone shared memories associated with this common gum saying it is still seen in post offices across the country and how some of us liked to peel it off our hands.

Oh, those were the days, take us back!

What’s your most treasured childhood possession that you still keep somewhere in the house – old game cards, movie tickets, candy wrappers or something else? Tell us.

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