Desi Twitter Comes Up With Hilarious Reasons A Divider Was Used Back In School

There were numerous things we were taught and bought back in our school days that have zero utility now. One of them is a geometry box, which for many of us, sits at the back of a shelf against a dingy, dusty corner.

However, some of the things that were found inside a geometry were used till it became unusable – like the ruler, sharpener, the tiny red pencil, protractor and the compass – others never saw the light of the day. Looking at them we often questioned, ‘Yeh kis ke liye hai?’

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One of those things is the Divider. And people online have been discussing what it’s originally for.

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And the answers of some will make you go ROLF! From using it as a protective weapon to using it to punch holes into juice boxes, here’s what some people believed the function of the mighty divider to be:

What do you think can be the creative uses of a divider? Tell us! πŸ˜€

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