Majestic Bald Eagle Swimming In The Ocean Looks Like A Human Doing Breaststroke, Video Goes Viral

Eagles are beautiful, majestic birds and witnessing them in full motion can be an experience of a lifetime. Being the apex predators in the bird family, these creatures represent strength, leadership, and vision.

However, while videos of an eagle catching its prey is common, have you ever seen one of these behemoth’s swimming? If not, here is an absolute treat for you.

In a video published by New Hampshire TV station WMUR, a bald eagle, which is also the National Emblem of the United States, was caught swimming to the shore. It was a mesmerizing sight as the eagle had its wings spread to the maximum and kept moving forward.

According to researcher Jim Watson, bald eagles have been often caught swimming. In this case, the eagle might have caught a big fish or its wings may have touched the water. Sometimes, when their wings get soaked making it hard to fly, they prefer to swim.

Here is the video:

The video went viral on Twitter in no time with people stunned to see the eagle pulling of the breaststroke!

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Wow. Definitely, a sight to behold. And yes, you can thank us later.

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