Artist Does Full-Face Makeup On An Egg, People Say It Looks Better Than Most Of Us!

Where are all the humans because it seems like eggs have taken over the internet!

With the recent sensation being the World Record Egg that put beauty guru and influencer Kylie Jenner to shame, eggs are taking over the makeup industry as well.

First, we had the egg inspired nail art.

And now just within a few days, we have an artist doing a full-face makeup on an egg! This video is giving makeup artists a run for their money!

This artist, who goes by the username @maripela on Twitter, uses all kinds of makeup products including foundation, bronzer, highlight, lipstick, and even fake eyelashes on the egg. And the result is smoking hot!

Twitterverse, of course, couldn’t keep calm and jumped in with their comments, and some of the reactions will leave you in splits!

When I said I wanted hot eggs, this is not what I was looking for.

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