Manicurist Creates Bizarre Nail Art Tutorial Of Woman Giving Birth To A Baby, Watch Video

The internet is no stranger to nail art videos, and some of them are really stunning. Every day we find people creating new designs and the process looks like nothing but a medical experiment!

But one particular nail art professional has taken the “medical experiment” comparison a bit too seriously.

Russian manicure specialist “Nail Sunny” recently posted a nail art tutorial video with a woman dressed in scrubs, placed on a finger-nail, giving birth to a baby.

No, seriously. GIVING BIRTH!

Calling it weird will be an understatement.

Twitter exploded (obviously) after the video went online and netizens wish they could unsee it!

We all do…

Turns out, that’s not it. ‘Nail Sunny’ has also come up with other such “creative” nail art:

The one with all the poop.

The one with the World Record Egg.

The one with the pregnancy test.

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Are you Pregnant or not ? P.s. yellow liquid is not urine ! This is nail degreaser #nailsunnytutorial this work is special order from 5 followers! Thanks for the idea 💡 please share in comments what do you want for the next #nailsunnytutorial ? Вы беременны или нет ? На видео жидкость – не моча !! Это обезжириватель для ногтей 😍 Идею создания работы подали нам наши подписчики 😍 5 человек в комментариях попросили сделать тест на беременность 🤰 Если у вас есть ещё какие-либо идеи, пожалуйста напишите в комментариях, что вы хотите видеть в следующих. Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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The one with Maggi.

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