First Look Of Movie ‘Aladdin’ Is Here And Netizens Can’t Get Over How Hot Jafar Looks

Generally, in movies, heroes get all the attention. But sometimes, just sometimes we’re treated with villains that steal the show. Darth Vader’s switch to the dark side in Star Wars, Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of The Joker in Batman, Loki from the Avengers and our very own desi munda Ranveer Singh pulling off a badass Alauddin Khilji (in Padmaavat).

Why am I reminiscing about the greatest villains in cinema, you ask? Because Jafar (the main villain) in the live-action remake of Disney’s Aladdin is breaking the internet! And I have about a lot of thirsty (ahem) tweets to prove it.

Here are some pictures from the film

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For the uninitiated, director Guy Ritchie is working on Aladdin, scheduled to release in May 2019. He has finalised his main cast and started filming. The lead pair is played by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. But what has fans most excited is Will Smith reprising the role of Genie and Marwan Kenzari as the big bad guy.

Some people are quite miffed that Genie isn’t blue while others can’t stomach Will Smith’s man bun and jewellery. But there’s a consensus about one thing – Jafar is absolutely smokin’. Well, I can’t really blame anyone for swooning over him. So, I’ll go join them instead 😛

  1. Hot Damn!

2. Exactly

3. Aladdin who?

4. *heart eyes*

5. Yes, please

6. Go Jafar

7. #TeamJafarRules

8.  Makes sense

9. Focus, people

10. *grabs popcorn*

Marwan Kenzari is a 34-year-old Dutch actor. His previous Hollywood projects include Ben-HurThe Promise, and The Mummy. He was seen on the covers of Dutch Men’s Health and Vogue Netherlands Man. The question on everyone’s mind though, ‘Will he be able to make evil look good on screen?‘ Only time can tell.

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