Redditors Discuss The Idea Of “Adopting” Lonely Seniors Just As We Adopt Babies

In such trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we extend out a helping hand to the elderly and the vulnerable. And many people have fulfilled our expectations by sharing love, support, and hope to the ones who dearly need it the most. For instance,  a couple of Hungarians offered free pizza to the elderly and the flats for self-quarantine amidst the pandemic, or how the Assam Police surprised an elderly man with sweets on his 78th birthday. But taking this thought a little further comes a new discussion.

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A Redditor started a thread proposing a concept of “adopting” seniors who have lost their children as one’s father, mother, or grandparents, just like the way we adopt babies and younger orphaned children. He opened up the question asking people their opinions on this path to preventing senior isolation:-

What do you think of the idea of "adopting" elderly people whose children have died as parents or grandparents, much the same way we adopt children whose parents have died as our own? from AskReddit

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Some people shared their own experiences of similar versions of this concept that have already been adopted before in their towns, including workplaces and schools:-

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And finally, the Redditor who said what is probably on everybody’s mind right now while pondering upon this discussion:-

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What do you think of this concept of adopting someone else’s grandparents as your own? Have you ever volunteered to try out any of these ideas? Share your thoughts and experiences with us, and don’t forget to send love to your own grandparents as well!

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