Woman Shares Chat With Entitled ‘Rishta Guy’ Who Told Her To Inform Him When She Slept

The arranged marriage market in India is wilder than one can ever imagine. If you thought being somewhat commodified for your looks, salary, overall appearance and generational wealth was enough, that’s not the case. That’s just the beginning of the game. The real deal begins when the man and woman in the arranged marriage setup begin to talk to one another. It is then that their expectations are expressed, and those expectations will often make progressive and decent human beings want to punch themselves in the face. Here’s an example.

A woman took to X to share a screenshot of her conversation with her “arranged marriage rishta guy”. After 11 PM, the guy had asked her if she was awake, to which she didn’t respond. She replied to his message when she woke up after 4 AM. To this, he told her to inform him before she fell asleep.

Inform a person before you fall asleep? Sorry sir?

Several people responded to this post and asked the woman to block the man immediately. Thankfully, she has already done so. Other women shared similar experiences they’ve been through and could totally relate with the woman.

Better stay single than get married to a person like this, don’t you think?

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