Bihar Man With Fractured Leg Goes To Govt Hospital, They Put A Cardboard Cast On Him

Mukesh Kumar, a resident of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, experienced an unexpected turn of events following a bike accident. On June 7, after fracturing his leg, he sought treatment at a primary health centre (PHC) in Minapur. The medical staff there opted to use a cardboard cast instead of a plaster cast to treat his fractured leg, reported India Today.

That’s not all. Mukesh was referred to Shree Krishna Medical College (SKMCH) for further treatment. You’d think the doctors there would upgrade him to a proper plaster cast, right? But no. Surprisingly, the doctors at SKMCH continued using the cardboard cast instead of a standard plaster cast from June 7 to June 11.

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The local media eventually caught wind of this cardboard catastrophe and blasted the hospital for their “creative” approach to medical treatment. Following the media coverage, SKMCH officials intervened and ensured Mukesh received appropriate medical care.

Mukesh Kumar spoke to the media and said, “Last Saturday, I met with an accident while riding my bike. After the accident, I was referred to SKMCH with a cardboard cast from the primary health centre, and it’s still the same.”

On the other hand, SKMCH’s Medical Superintendent Dr Vibha said, “The patient came from Minapur on Saturday to SKMCH with a cardboard cast. We received information that his plaster was not done. Upon inquiry, the doctors of the orthopaedic department said that after a proper examination, a slab would be applied. Meanwhile, I have ordered a probe to find out how a cardboard cast was used at the PHC.”

The negligence of some of our medical institutions is truly baffling!

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