This Woman Made A List Of 14 Eligible Bachelors With Salary Details For Arranged Marriage

The arranged marriage market in India is a scary place to be, for both men and women. While men are judged based on their income, hairline and height, women are judged based entirely on how they look. Imagine getting rejected for the most bizarre reasons and the kind of toll it takes on one’s self-confidence!

I say this because a list of bachelors suitable for marriage is making rounds on social media. The list was allegedly made by a 29-year-old woman who is a BCom graduate but isn’t working as of now. She is apparently speaking to 14 men at the same time via matrimonial sites and asked people online for their help in choosing one guy as her husband.

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The list contains the following details of the guys – their age, the company they are working for, their annual salary and their location. Beside the details of two of the guys are the words “bald” and “but he is 5.5” in parentheses.

Here’s the list shared as a tweet by a user on Twitter:

While some people online couldn’t believe what they were reading and felt sorry for all the men the woman is allegedly talking to, others who have had experience claimed that the arranged marriage market is even more brutal than it seems. Here’s what some of them said:

What an absolute horror!

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