Guy Makes A Cute PPT To Convince Woman To Spend The Weekend With Him

Gone are the days of guys asking women out on a date with just a low-effort text message. Nowadays, men have up’ed their game and are making PowerPoint presentations to convince women to go out with them. Ladies, while you are waiting for a text back from the guy you are losing sleep over, someone else is kissing the ground on which his lady-love walks!

For example, a woman took to X to share pictures of a PPT that was sent to her by a guy who wanted her to spend the weekend with him. It was a “cordial invite” to the guy’s den with a list of pros and cons for coming to his place.

He decided to make a good argument via the PPT.

His house is located in a quiet locality, away from the “hustle bustle” of Mumbai life.

Spending the weekend with him is a majestic culinary experience, where two people get to cook and relish dishes together! The guy’s range of cooking is pretty solid too.

Have a look at the woman’s tweet here:

This adorable little PPT (most of which is being hidden from the public, BTW) won the hearts of several people online. “If he wanted to, he would” was the general consensus!

Jis bhagwan ne aise ladke banaye hai, usne mere baare mein bhi kuch socha hoga! *cries*

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