Saba Azad Shares How She Lost Her Career As Voiceover Artist For Dating Hrithik Roshan

We have witnessed Saba Azad the actor. We have heard Saba Azad the singer. And we have seen Saba Azad the dancer. But what many of us didn’t know is that she has also been a voiceover artist for over a decade. Some of India’s most popular advertisements have had her voice in it. But for the past two years, Saba hasn’t been getting work as a voiceover artist, despite her massive experience and talent. Taking to Instagram, she explained why that’s been the case, and it is bizarre to fathom that something like this can happen to women even today.

Mind you, over a decade and a half, Saba has worked on over a hundred advertisements.

It’s been one of the three solid careers she has had, apart from being an actor and singer, and she loves it.

Two and a half years ago, she went from doing 6-8 voiceovers a month to none. And she had no idea why.

She never told anyone she wanted to quit or was disinterested in voiceovers. She didn’t even change her fee. Then why was this the case?

Turns out, the reason why she wasn’t been given work was because she was dating Hrithik Roshan. People thought that because she was dating Hrithik, she wouldn’t want to do voiceovers anymore.

Just because she is dating Hrithik, people thought her finances apparently were being taken care of, or that she wouldn’t want to do behind-the-scenes jobs anymore. It was established that she didn’t have to work any longer.

Saba Azad went on to highlight that when strong and independent people come together, they don’t give up on their identities and careers. They still need to have a career, earn money and put food on the table.

How regressive can the industry get?

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