Man Submits Job Application Mentioning He Needs To Work To Marry The Girl He Loves

There is one thing in common amongst several guys who are in love and dream of getting married to the love of their lives – they are told by the girl’s dad to get a stable job first! So, these hopeful Romeos, previously experts at sweet talk and serenades, suddenly become experts at job hunting. Instead of romantic texts, they send out their resumes. If love was their battlefield, the job market became their boot camp.

The founder of a fertility clinic took to X to share a job application she recently received from a guy. Under the section ‘Why are you fit for this role?’, the applicant mentioned that if he doesn’t get the job, he won’t be able to marry his childhood love because her father insisted on him finding a job first!

“Hiring can be fun too,” wrote the woman.

Have a look:

After reading his honest answer, people are now supporting this guy and want him to get hired so he can finally marry the woman of his dreams. Here’s how some people reacted:

Do you think a solid paycheck is the key to a happy marriage?

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