IAS Officer Gives Out Eco-Friendly Visiting Cards That Grow Into Marigold Plants When Planted

Everybody wants their visiting cards to be fancy, catchy and unique. But, in a bid to be fancy, we often forget about sustainability. However, in the past few years, several Indians have embraced eco-friendly visiting cards. These cards embedded with plant seeds are gaining significant popularity in India, particularly among government officials.

Eco-friendly visiting cards are made from biodegradable materials such as recycled paper or cotton fibre. They are embedded with seeds of various plants, including flowers, herbs, or vegetables. When a person is ready to plant the card, they simply need to tear it into smaller pieces, soak them in water briefly, and then place the pieces in soil. With regular watering and sunlight, the seeds will germinate and grow, eventually blooming into plants!

Representational image

IAS officer Shubham Gupta took to X to share his visiting card which is embedded with marigold seeds. It is a very simple white-coloured card, but within its simplicity lives a bigger cause.

“Anyone coming to my office from now on will get this card. It grows into a beautiful marigold plant when planted,” he wrote.

The IAS officer’s effort to promote a greener environment was lauded under the comments section. Here’s what some people had to say:

Sometimes, small steps can make a huge difference. 🙂

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