Desis Share Their Rent & View From Apartment After Bengaluru Guy Shares ₹80K-Rent View

In major Indian cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, people work hard all day just to pay rent for a tiny flat. You’ll often find them joking about how they live in a matchbox. They spend half their money just to have a window with a view of another building. They dream of big apartments but get cozy with their small ones. In Mumbai, you might see the sea, if you lean far out of your window and squint. In Bangalore, you might get a nice view of the greenery if you empty your pockets. Otherwise, you might just have to settle for a view of your neighbour’s laundry.

Speaking of which, a guy named Ashish Jha took to X to share a picture of the view he gets from his home – an array of buildings with a good amount of greenery and the occasional rainbow. However, for this view, he has to pay Rs 80,000 in rent.

However, this started a trend on social media. People have now been sharing the view from their apartments, which they have rented for far less. Sometimes, even the cheapest of rented apartments can provide a stellar view. Have a look!

There’s no denying the fact that rent, in major cities, is increasing by the day. There might come a time when such views become a distant dream for the common folk. Till then, enjoy it while it lasts people!

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