Chinese Woman Laughs Her Head Off Quite Literally Leaving Her Mouth Stuck Open

Everyone’s body reacts differently to different things. And we never know if a regular and otherwise harmless act might cause severe medical problems. For instance, a man who cleaned his ear with a cotton bud suffered a severe skull infection because a piece of cotton got stuck in his ear canal. In the case of a British woman, her intense orgasm became the cause for a stroke.

Recently, a Chinese woman’s continuous fit of laughter resulted in the dislocation of her jaw and her mouth being stuck open.

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According to Times Now News, on September 1, the woman was travelling on a high-speed train to Guangzhou South Railway Station, South China when the incident occurred. Passengers informed the train officials and an announcement was made to check if there were any qualified doctors on board.

Doctor Luo Wensheng of Liwan Hospital was travelling on the same train and offered to help the woman. As the train would take another hour to reach a hospital, the woman insisted that Dr. Wensheng do something to relieve her discomfort.

He revealed, “I rushed over and found the passenger unable to speak or close her mouth. She was drooling, so I initially thought she had had a stroke. But I took her blood pressure, then asked her some questions, and learned that she had actually dislocated her jaw.”

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He further added,

“I did it while she was distracted, and luckily it went back in place. The passenger revealed that she had dislocated her jaw in the past due to repeated vomiting during pregnancy.”

“If you’ve dislocated your jaw in the past, laughing, yawning or even just opening your mouth too wide can lead to it happening again.”

What a scary experience! We hope that she’ll be more careful in the future.

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