In Video: West Bengal Governor Pushes Sunil Chhetri Aside For A Pic, People Fume With Anger

Indian politicians have given us several opportunities to face-palm ourselves really hard. From calling a Manipuri activist ‘foreigner’ to defending rapists, the kind of cringe-worthy content they give is appalling.

Now, the internet is annoyed with the Governor of West Bengal after he pushed away famous Indian footballer Sunil Chhetri for a picture.

So, what happened is that Sunil Chhetri went up on the stage to receive the winning trophy after his team Bengaluru FC defeated Mumbai City FC at the Durand Cup Football Tournament.

To bestow him with the award was West Bengal Governor La Ganesan on the stage. While Ganesan was giving Chhetri the award and posing for the cameras, he pushed the footballer aside as he was coming in the way of him and the camera.

The video of the act went viral on social media.

If this has annoyed you, then wait for another video wherein Aroop Biswas, Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs in West Bengal, pushed aside Sivasakthi Narayanan during the post-match felicitation ceremony, again, for a picture.

These visuals pushed the button of people online who were disappointed with the politicians’ behavior.

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A lot of people in the comments section pointed out that he wouldn’t have dared to push the sportsperson in such a demeaning way had there been a Sachin or Ganguly in his place. Clearly, we have a long way to go when it comes to respecting and appreciating sports personalities who do not play cricket but bring accolades and honour to the country.

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