Lucknow Politician Calls Manipur Climate Activist A ‘Foreigner’, Gets Slammed For Racism

A child environmental activist from India- This is what you would get when you research Licypriya Kangujam on the internet.

One of the youngest climate activists globally who hails from Manipur has decided to lead the battle from the front against climate change. From meeting Greta Thunberg to standing outside the Indian parliament and urging PM Modi to pass the climate change law, she is doing all it takes for a healthy and sustainable future.

While she is well-known across the world for her commendable work, it’s people from the country who still haven’t recognized her as an Indian.

Just recently, an Indian politician from Lucknow, Manish Jagan Agrawal, tweeted how the ‘foreigner’ tourist is forced to show the mirror to the ruling government and bring their attention to the increasing filth around the Taj Mahal.

His Hindi tweet roughly translates to:

“Foreign tourists are also forced to show the mirror to BJP ruled Yogi government. Yamuna ji is full of filth under the BJP government, this filth is a bad stain on the beauty of the Taj Mahal, It is very shameful for foreign tourists to show the mirror to the government, this image of India and UP has been created by the BJP government.”

Agrawal was referring to one of the images shared by Kangujam wherein she highlighted how humans have destroyed the beauty of one of the seven wonders of the world by throwing garbage around it.

Whatever his intentions were, the political analysts’ tone-deaf tweet calling Kangujam, who belongs to the north-eastern part of India, a “foreigner”, highlighted how people from that part of India are subjected to prejudice, bias, and racism by their own countrymen.

Kangujam also called the leader out for his problematic tweet:

This was followed by people debating how because of this, people from the northeast are subjected to hate and bullying in their own country.

Bullying, calling names, being subjected to hate crimes, what else would one expect from a country where its leaders are themselves doing such shameful acts and calling their own citizens ‘videshi’.

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