Politician CK Raulji Justifies Release Of Bilkis Bano’s Rapists Saying They Have ‘Good Sanskar’

As India celebrated its 75th Independence day a couple of days ago, the government of Gujarat set free the 11 convicts who were serving life sentences for rape and murder in the Bilkis Bano gang-rape case.

Bilkis lost 7 members of her family and her own will to live after she was gang raped by some anti-social elements who also allegedly murdered her family members back in 2002 during the Gujarat riots.

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The court now released the culprits saying that they have completed 15 years of imprisonment and their conduct was good while in jail.

The court also refused to enhance the punishment of life imprisonment saying, “We cannot be unmindful of the fact that the incident occurred in 2002, 15 years have elapsed since then. These accused have been in custody all this while. Looking at this fact, after a gap of 15 years, we are not inclined to enhance the sentence,” reported India Today.

Reacting to the release of the convicts in the case, Bilkis said in a statement, “When I heard that the convicts who had devastated my family and life had walked free, I was bereft of words. I am still numb.”

Adding that the decision was “unjust”, she said that it had shaken her faith in justice.

“How can justice for any woman end like this? I trusted the highest courts in our land. I trusted the system, and I was learning slowly to live with my trauma. The release of these convicts has taken from me my peace and shaken my faith in justice.”

She was not alone in condemning the government’s decision to release the culprits to a hero’s welcome. Several well-known personalities and the general public alike criticized this verdict.

However, C.K Raulji, a member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly justified the release of the rape convicts by saying that they are ‘Brahmins’ and have ‘good sanskar’.

In a video that’s now going viral, C.K Raulji is seen saying, “I don’t know whether they committed any crime or not. But there has to be the intention of committing a crime.”

“They were Brahmins and Brahmins are known to have good sanskaar. It might have been someone’s ill intention to corner and punish them.”


His statement was met with a lot of criticism online.

Here’s another Indian politician who says ‘you cannot call them rapists now as they have served their punishment’.

Well, if this is good sanskar then clearly there’s a problem with the sanskaar givers.

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