Video Of Andhra Wedding With Waiters Donning PPE Kits To Serve Guests Is COVID Wedding Goals!


After months of staying at home, thanks to the novel coronavirus, I am so desperate to dress up, go out and eat good food that I can even attend my door ki chachi k behen ki beti ki wedding without complaining.  But FYI, even the big fat Indian weddings won’t be as grand and glitzy anymore and you might find people roaming around in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits because safety first!

In a wedding organised in the Mudinepalli village of Andhra Pradesh, the guests were served dinner by waiters donning PPE kits while adhering to the safety guidelines, reports India Today.


In a video that went viral online, people can be seen eating, as the servers fully covered in safety gear, offer food to them.

Ever since the state saw a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, no wedding functions and celebrations can be organised without getting the nod from the authorities. The event organisers are also instructed to follow all Covid-19 protocols, which include maintaining proper hygiene, following social distancing, using sanitizers, checking the temperature of everyone present at the venue, among others.

Earlier, Bhopal salon staff wore PPE kits while giving haircuts. Well, given the current situation, it is really important that people follow all these guidelines. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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