Venezuela’s President Eats A Pastry During LIVE Telecast As Country Faces Food Crisis!

If you have been rather busy to abreast yourself with world news, let me tell you (Vir Das can’t do it every time) that Venezuela’s economic meltdown has caused the worse kind of food and medicine shortage for its citizens. But even amidst a food and hunger crisis, another piece of news from the South American country is making headlines.

But before that, it is imperative that I provide you with some background info.

As it turns out, this extreme case of malnutrition has crept into the grounds under the reign of President, Nicolás Maduro who–there is no other way to say this–has often been criticised for his weight gain while his people are starving.  

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Okay, now that the premise is established, let me tell you what has been breaking the news.

A clip of the president making a LIVE address is going viral on social media and it has him doing things that he thought would not be recorded. In other words…

Nicolás Maduro has created a stir online because the clip has him reaching out for an empanada (a Spanish delight) and eating it, right in the middle of his speech. If you don’t believe me, here’s the video. 

“Venezuela’s president, already mocked for gaining weight amid a hunger crisis, pulls out an empanada from his desk during a live TV address.”

But apart from the outrage over the President’s inappropriate snack o’ clock…

1. *shrugs*

2. I didn’t.

3. WORD.

…the Internet has strangely found itself in the need and urge of an ’empanada drawer.’ 

1. Second that!

2. Tempting!

3. That’s the thing about aspirations!

I don’t know about you (and I don’t know Spanish) but I wonder what was exactly in that speech that made him so hungry? WHAT?