Vir Das Explains World News To America On ‘Conan’ And His Smart-ass Comebacks Are Class Apart!

Vir Das, ladies and gentleman, is going places as we speak. In case you missed it, he his riding the high tide of his career with more gigs than ever. Not to mention, his ‘Abroad Understanding’ is better than anyone out there!

Talking about going places, the comedian just paid a visit to Conan O’Brien and explained his understanding of the world to that’s right- America! And it’d truly be a shame if you missed it.

If you’re interested in the details, Vir made a sweeping introduction at the ‘Conan’ show and it is just the beginning. 

vir das

Let me take you through it. It all happened when Conan thanked Vir for joining him and agreeing to do the noble job of informing America about world news (anything but Trump)…


And Vir, well, being Vir had the BEST response to Conan’s hospitality.

vir das

But let’s move forward. It was soon time to gather knowledge. And hey, India came first. So when Conan asked, “What’s the latest from India?” Vir quipped,

Vir das

Why the fun fact you ask? Because THIS: 

“So, see it’s not just taxis and Ubers. Even your satellites can’t get from place to place without an Indian driver.”

No, not all was stereotyped. Some relied heavily on facts. Like when Conan asked about Canada, Vir was quick on his toes to state the universal fact we all live with. 

Vir Das

I think we all know why is that. Amirite? #TeamJustinTrudeauForever

But just when Vir was getting into his element, Conan reminded him of the running clock and well, let’s just say, Vir wasn’t very thrilled about it. 

vir das

Although he did finish by the clock and how!

Before he concluded, Vir took the opportunity of reminding America that immigrants and tourists are two different beings. 


So, America…are we on the same page now? Great! Because, and I quote Vir, ‘Now would be a good time to apologise for Apu’ in ‘The Simpsons.’

What you missed that? Don’t worry. You can watch all that and more here. 

Now, wasn’t that worth the time! Thought so. Also Vir, you’re awesome!