“America Enslaved India For 200 Years”, Says Uttarakhand CM, Twitter Reacts With Memes

For the past couple of days, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat has been making headlines. In case you missed it, he made a statement about women wearing ripped jeans which didn’t go down well with much of the youth of the country – that wearing ripped jeans sets a “bad example” in society. What made things worse was his wife defending his statement with the argument that women have the “responsibility” of “protecting our culture”.

In addition to these, the Uttarakhand CM recently went a step further. In a public speech, he blamed the United States of America for “200 years of rule in India” instead of the British, reports NDTV.

“As opposed to other countries, India is doing better in handling the pandemic. America, who enslaved us for 200 years and ruled the whole world, is struggling at present,” he said.

Here’s a video of his speech. Have a look:

This time, instead of severe backlash, his statement led to a massive meme-fest online! Here’s a look at some of the best ones that have left social media LOL-ing!

However, that’s not all. NDTV reports that in another bizarre statement, Tirath Singh Rawat addressed the poor and said that the families struggling to feed themselves amidst the pandemic “should have had 20 children if they wanted more ration from the government”.

“Every household was given 5 kg ration. If 10 (people in a home) got 50 kg, then 20 got a quintal (100 kg). But some were jealous that two people got 10 kg and 20 got a quintal. Why? When there was time, you only gave birth to 2…why not 20?” he asked.

Have a look at the video here:

It becomes a matter of concern when a leader who has the power to influence several others make incorrect and irrational statements. Don’t you think?

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