Uday Chopra’s ‘Mother-Father’ Tweet Is A Deja Vu And Now Twitter’s Cracking The Same Joke


Uday Chopra, if you haven’t already noticed, is a goofball we don’t deserve. When not trolling himself, the man of the moment is known to impart philosophical lessons On Twitter and honestly, no TL has been left untouched.

Just look at him…soaking the sun with all the SPF there is in the world.

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SPF 1000

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In fact, he has just gone ahead and reaffirmed my conviction in him and in metaception. 

Before you wonder/wander, Uday posted a rather specified tweet about ‘mother-father’…

Geddit? Yeah, you’re not the only one.

And Twitter’s asking in on the stuff! IYKWIM


I mean, who doesn’t want to be enlightened right? But that’s not all the light.

The rest of the Twitterati is having a deja vu (read Race 3 business memes) and needless, it’s the same joke everywhere! See for yourself.


Can you blame the desi junta? This is as close as it gets! While I’m not sure if there’s a copyright conflict coming, the chuckles are certainly showing.

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