Desi Junta Has Turned Daisy Shah’s One-Liner From ‘Race 3’ Trailer Into A Trending Meme

A few days ago, Salman Khan fans rejoiced as he revealed the first trailer for ‘Race 3’. It showed the superstar in an action-heavy avatar, along with a large ensemble cast. The trailer also featured loads of potentially high-octane stunts. However, since the CGI behind it seemed largely hokey, the internet turned into hilarious memes.

Considering how the trailer is also packed with cheesy one-liners, it didn’t take a lot of time for desi netizens to catch onto it. And since Daisy Shah’s “Our business is our business, none of your business” was the worst of the lot, the internet set its eyes on it and gave birth to some glorious memes.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. And the businesswoman of the year award goes to…

2. All these acclaimed scientists got nothing on Daisy!

3. Babu Bhaiya has had enough.

4. Please don’t let her join the Avengers.

5. There’s no comeback for that.

6. Daisy is an inspiration.

7. Yes, take your Bahamas chappals somewhere else.

8. Stephen King will retire if he sees this.

9. Trying Daisy’s lines at home can be injurious to health.

10. Kya tha ye?

11. Everything’s possible, but not that, maybe.

12. True, true.

13. They better release a blooper reel soon.

14. Nun puns, nice!

15. Side-effects might include instant firing.

‘Race 3’ has all the makings of illogical Bollywood blockbuster movies and I think people won’t be going into this opening weekend for its story, acting or cinematography. And since the trailer itself has spawned such golden memes, we can hope for more outrageous ones once the movie hits theatres.

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