Salman Khan’s Race 3 Trailer Has Unlocked A Trove Of Hilarious Memes & We’re Not Complaining

In case you haven’t heard, the much-awaited trailer of Race 3 dropped yesterday. And while the hardcore Salman Khan fans rejoiced at the prospect of another bhai thriller, others didn’t quite feel the same.

The flamboyant trailer has no shortage of cars, explosions, pretty ladies and stars walking in slow motion. The entire setting just screams of dhan aur daulat. With a rather dapper looking Anil Kapoor (that man is ageing like fine wine, I tell you) and sensuous as ever Jacqueline, the movie has some major ‘Fast n Furious’ vibes.

Oh and not to mention some LOL-worthy dialogues like “Our business is our business, none of your business”. And also, this scene which brought the image of a flying squirrel into my head.

Image source

That outfit looks like the love child of Spiderman and the North American flying squirrel tbh. Tell me I’m wrong.

And when something is basically a treasure trove of meme-worthy material, how can one expect the Internet to sit on its hands? As always, Twitter provided some real gems.

1. Absolutely Bhai.

2. Don’t need to ask him twice.

3. Anything for a Thums Up.

4. Physics? Who Physics?

5. This makes a lot more sense than the trailer.

6. Matlab, kuch bhi!

7. The floor is lava.

8. Rest in peace logic.

9. Logic: I don’t feel so good.

10. They just love to fly.

11. Khujli wali roti would’ve honestly been better.

12. LOL.

13. Take it down a notch guys.

14. In a nutshell.

15. A wise choice.

Well people, there you have it. Like it, dislike it, you can’t ignore this one. Something or the other about the movie, set for release this Eid, is sure to pop up on your timelines. Since we can’t do anything about that, might as well get a few laughs out of it, right? When life gives you Race 3 trailers, make memes!