21 Deep AF Tweets By Uday Chopra That Are Philosophy Lessons We Didn’t Know We Needed!

uday chopra

So, I know it’s a Saturday and you’re still probably hungover from last night but I have an important announcement to make. A message of public interest and good, if you will.

Yes, I know I can’t say that every time I have to show you the ‘meme of the day’ but tell me you didn’t enjoy Shashi Tharoor‘s baffling-cum-hilarious reply to Amul’s dig at his words and I’ll stop. Thought so. *grins*

Now, while Tis the season of Tharoor and thesaurus (I’m sure you have seen the memeactivity), there is someone who can be easily called the father of the founding figures (read retweets) when we had not known Twitter for the breeding ground of hate that it is.

If you’re wondering hard, I’m talking about none other than…Uday Chopra! 

uday chopra
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No, don’t worry if your memory is not helping. That’s precisely why I’m here.

Remember the glorious occasion when Uday and Shah Rukh Khan engaged in a banter that left us scratching our head? No? Then it’s a good thing that I have it here.

YEAH. That had happened.

Now, if you ask me the reason of my fond remembrance, I won’t lie, but major missing is happening and the FOMO has taken over me.

Hence, I have decided to move ahead with my conquest and list 21 priceless tweets by Uday Chopra that will take you into a parallel dimension without moving an inch. Enjoy!

1. But some dental hygiene tips, before we begin.

2. When you accidentally swore at work.

3. The question of the hour.

4. Just casually enlisting the benefits of Ashwagandha. And you can clearly see, it’s not paid!

5. Oh, Uday once into Japenese. Super into.


uday chopra

Thank God, for food though.

Same, Uday. SAME.

6. Life is all about tough choices, amirite?

7. DEEP.

8. That also!

9. OMG! I think the same. Totally. Completely.

10. Nuff.

11. That’s how my brother stole my food. I didn’t notice too…

12. Every time I visit my parlour didi!

13. The first time anyone figured social media.

14. And I thought I’m the only one.

15. ‘Ryan Gosling’

16. I’ll have what he’s having.

17. What did I tell you about about dental hygiene?

18. And my face is A Queen.

19. Ask out karo toh aise karo, warna na karo!

20. The voice of my soul…

21. On another note,

But then…

Let me tell you, this is just a mere sample of the goldmine that is Uday Chopra’s Twitter handle. I mean, where art thou Uday? Please, let’s do this again? Pretty please?

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