TikTok Is Encouraging Stray Animal Adoption With Its New Campaign #PetBFF & We Love It!


That’s what I said 15 minutes after waking up from sleep because I was drenched in a pool of sweat, thanks to load-shedding. However, I had a comfy bed to snuggle in and a 100% charged phone with enough data to scroll through random videos. And then, I came across this:

I honestly didn’t expect to feel this disappointed in my privileged self.

I’ve always wanted to bring home and care for a dog – perhaps the cutest Labrador or a Golden Retriever. But in the desire for the “perfect” dog, we often forget about the innumerable stray animals who could use our help. We cannot even begin to fathom the kind of hunger, disease, and cruelty these animals are susceptible to.

One could say that there are NGOs doing their bit. But are there enough to save all of them? Don’t we need more people to step forward?

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Who would have thought that the popular video-sharing app TikTok will set a brilliant example in this area! TikTok, along with World For All and GiveIndia, has launched a new animal welfare campaign called #PetBFF which is rescuing, treating, and helping adopt stray animals!

The best thing about the campaign is that it focuses on educating people about the importance of adoption of strays and homeless animals rather than buying expensive breeds. And that’s when it hit me – being a dog-lover doesn’t just mean loving expensive breeds. It means loving and caring for all dogs, even the strays.

#PetBFF Support the noble cause

A heart that beats in animals is the same as in us. Love animals as they will love you more. TikTok is teaming up with WORLD FOR ALL/ SAVE THE HELPLESS ANIMALS OF MUMBAI – an NGO for the welfare of stray animals.Support https://www.instagram.com/indiatiktok and https://twitter.com/TikTok_IN in this good cause and share your stories with your pets using #petbff.

Posted by TikTok on Saturday, August 24, 2019

The campaign kickstarted on August 19 in Mumbai with a workshop which included Disha Patani playing with doggos and honestly, it is a treat for the eyes!

Not just entertainment, but TikTok has also been a medium for people to discuss socially relevant issues with users making videos to spread awareness.

Similarly, people have been posting videos with #PetBFF talking about the difficulties faced by stray animals and all the ways we could help them – maybe adopt them, get them treated in case of a disease, feed them, or just play with them!

Have a look:

Can you see how much of a difference a few kind words can make?

“Kindness is what we need most right now with so many animal cruelty cases coming to light every day,” says Taronish Bulsara, Founder of World For All.

I realised that stray dogs are no less cute, adorable, and lovable. After all, they are DOGS! They deserve a happy home and a chance for a good life. It’s time we all did something for them because they would do the same for us if they could!

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