Delhi Man Rapes A Female Puppy To Death After Getting Drunk And Humanity Dies A Slow Death

Dogs have always been loving and selfless creatures. However, recently, there have been a lot of cases of canine abuse where people have harmed innocent dogs for sadistic pleasure. The protection of stray dogs was hurled into a jeopardy when another incident was added to the disgraceful crime of animal abuse.

A 34-year-old taxi driver, Naresh Kumar, allegedly raped a female puppy and left it to die on 25 August in Narayana area, Delhi. The driver was drunk at the time and grabbed the puppy named Jenney by the locals. He then raped the dog and left it bleeding.

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The accused with the help of his elder brother, Suresh, stuffed the puppy into a jute bag and dumped it in a dry drain near Naraina Industrial Area.


An animal lover, Abhishek Kumar, who resides in the same colony as the driver told India Today that he noticed the missing puppy and the search led them to an intoxicated Naresh. Locals claim that on questioning him, the accused confessed to raping the puppy and even showed them the location where he had dumped the carcass.

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The puppy was rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre where it was declared dead. A post-mortem further revealed that the puppy died due to excessive bleeding from private parts and shock.


Despite lodging an FIR, activists say that the accused is still not arrested and is roaming free, after he showed the locals the puppy’s carcass and ran away. India Today also spoke to Naresh’s wife who revealed that he was a pervert and had recently assaulted her and broken her arm.

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Abhishek Gupta, the person who lodged the complaint, claimed that it was made into an FIR only when he approached the senior officials. An FIR was lodged under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Stray dogs have fallen victim to various cases of alarming crime, simply because they have nobody to take care of them and this enables psychopaths like Naresh and several others to abuse them for their sadistic whims. It’s time we start taking care of these gentle creatures like we would do for our own.

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