People Take The ‘Cereal Challenge’ To Eat Food From Each Other’s Mouth; Watch Videos


The internet is filled with bizarre challenges that are both fun and dangerous. While hilarious challenges like the ‘microwave challenge‘ make us laugh, challenges like the ‘Koala challenge‘ warms our hearts.

While challenges are meant to be entertaining, some people take it too far. Like, the new ‘Cereal Challenge’. Doesn’t sound gross, does it? Wait till you hear what the challenge is all about. According to News18, it involves one contestant lying down while the other person pours milk and cereal in their mouth and then eats it with a spoon.

Check out how the weird challenge works:

The gross challenge needs the person to hold the milk and cereal in their mouth instead of swallowing it while the other person eats it from their mouth. The bizarre challenge seems like a choking hazard.

However, many people have actually taken up the dangerous and unusual challenge. Have a look at some of the eerie videos:

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Attempt number 2 #cerealchallenge #gagreflex

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The challenge seems to be more difficult than it appears:

Some people couldn’t stop laughing while doing the challenge:

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Guess the Grubb #cerealchallenge #cumshot

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Are you puking yet? Because we are. This seems very unhygienic and unsafe. We don’t recommend trying this at all.

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