Rajasthan Teacher Suspended After Performing ‘Nagin Dance’ In School To Entertain Colleagues


We all have heard about mischievous tales of students. From jamming schools WiFi in order to avoid exams to gate-crashing weddings for free food, we all have done some pretty wicked things during our school days.


However, a teacher in Rajasthan seems to have some fun tricks up his sleeves as well. According to NDTV, a government school teacher from Jalore, Rajasthan, has been suspended for performing the ‘Nagin’ dance during a teachers training program.


Though the incident took place around 10 days ago, the suspension order was issued on Wednesday after the video went viral on the internet. In the video, three teachers can be seen dancing and entertaining other colleagues during a break.

“We have suspended a teacher who organized the dance and have issued show-cause notices to two others as they are new recruits and may not be aware of the rules. There is no harm in organizing dance and playful activities, but a code of conduct should be maintained,” said Jalore district education officer Ashok Roeshwal to TOI.


However, some teachers objected to the suspension order. “They were just enjoying with other teachers during the break time. What’s vulgar or harmful in this? Can’t a government employee have a good time with colleagues? This is not justified,” said a teacher as quoted by TOI.

A little harmless fun never hurt anyone, did it? Should the teacher have been suspended or not, what do you think?

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