NIT Kurukshetra Students Get Warned By College For Gatecrashing Nearby Weddings For Food

Remember the iconic scene from 3 idiots when Rancho and his pals gatecrashed that wedding only to feast? Well, it seems Rancho inspired engineering students from The National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Kurukshetra.

There have been several reports of incidences involving NIT students gatecrashing weddings near the college premises. Such was the menace that the warden had to step in and issue a warning!

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The Chief Warden proceeded to send out an official letter to the hostel inmates. The letter demanded that the pupils avoid such “uncivilised activities” that tend to bring a bad name to the institution.

“It has been reported that some of the students have been going to attend weddings in the city without having (an) invitation. This is not only unethical and immoral but also uncalled for,” wrote the warden.

Wondering why India’s smart, young collegiates are resorting to crash humdrum events such as weddings? Well, it isn’t for the entertainment or the mere thrill of it. Ravenous NIT students reportedly do so for the sumptuous meals!

According to Indian Express, sources at the institute revealed that the recent rise in gatecrashing weddings has been because students attempted to skip meals in the college mess.

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However, the college authorities stand resolute, having announced disciplinary action against students who continue the menace.

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Netizens soon reacted to the letter in hilarious ways!

Some sympathized with the students, others said it was an “ancient tradition” meant to be upheld.

Then there were those who hit the nail on the head about the quality of meals in the hostel mess.

Have you ever gatecrashed a wedding? Did you get away or get apprehended! Tell us in the comments!

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