14-Year-Old Students From The US Straight Up Jammed The Entire School’s WiFi To Avoid Exams!

There are two things that taking exams have taught us way too well:
1. Last minute preparations.
2. Making excuses to not take them in the first place.

You see, we have literally grown up championing the way to achieve maximum results with minimum effort! And some of us who’d rather sleep through the entire study leave became masters of excuses to avoid exams like faking a loose motion or wearing a crepe bandage on the right palm!

But two 14-year-olds from New Jersey didn’t even think about making excuses. Instead, they straight up jammed the WiFi connectivity of the entire school to avoid exams!

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The two class-9 students from Secaucus High School put in their brains together to figure out a way where they could sit for the exam but didn’t have to take it.

Schools abroad depend a lot on WiFi. Like how we are used to writing everything down on paper, they usually have their entire curriculum and exams held online. So it’s a big problem if the internet doesn’t work!

So the two hit the aim right.

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According to reports, it is believed that the two used a WiFi interrupter or an app to send so much traffic into the routers that the system crashed and caused connection failures when students tried logging in.

“One day we were supposed to be doing work on our Chromebooks, but we had no activity whatsoever to do in class because the Wi-Fi shutdown. It interrupted the whole class, unfortunately”, said a class-10 student.

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The two students have been arrested and are booked under charges of computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity.

Might as well have put so much effort into studying. It’s the criminal charges they should have thought of avoiding instead!

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