Stray Dog Fights Lioness In A Fierce Battle At A Wildlife Reserve, See Video

The animal world has always managed to surprise us with the unthinkable and the unexpected. For instance, a courageous dog had the last laugh as a young leopard tried to hunt it down, or how a Hyderabad man who was attacked by a leopard was saved by stray dogs.

In a short clip shared by Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Services, a fearless stray dog can be seen entering into a brawl with a lioness at a wildlife reserve, India Today reports. Check it out:

The stray dog can be seen barking and approaching the lioness without batting an eyelid. Following a fierce battle, the dog retreats and walks away unscathed.

Dog fighting lion

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

Others took the side of the lioness:

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Apart from the surprising outcome of the fight, Kaswan wrote that the real issue the video brings out is of stray dogs and wildlife interaction.

This unusual encounter was definitely jaw-dropping. Don’t you think?

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