Hyderabad Man Attacked By Leopard Saved By Stray Dogs, Watch Video


Recently, a leopard was spotted resting on the middle of a road in Telangana. The lockdown and the lack of human activity have caused animals to reclaim its lost space. Several wild animals have been spotted on the roads across the world. While it is a joy to watch them, it is also a place of concern because once the lockdown is lifted, we may come across cases of human-animal conflict.

For example, in an incident in Hyderabad, two men were chased by a leopard under broad daylight, reports NDTV. While one of them managed to climb a truck safely, the other was attacked by the leopard when he attempted to jump onto the truck.

In a CCTV footage that has gone viral, the leopard is seen pouncing on the man and grabbing his leg. Luckily, the man manages to shake off the leopard.


Next, the leopard is seen trying desperately to leap over a wall. This was because a group of stray dogs were barking furiously at it and cornered it. The leopard then fleed the spot.

Watch the CCTV footage here:


In the comment section, some people empathised with the leopard claiming that humans have destroyed their homes. Others thanked the heavens for stray dogs, without whom the man would probably end up getting severely injured.



We come across so many news of stray dogs being attacked by people for causing a ‘nuisance’ in their neighbourhood. Let’s not forget that when the going got rough, it was these dogs which saved a man’s life!

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