Simpl CEO Nitya Sharma Thinks Burnout Is A Product Of Procrastination, Gets Schooled

Burnout. This word might come across as the modern excuse for not having to work hard and kill time that could have been used to take client meetings. One of Shark Tank India’s ex-judge and entrepreneur Ashneer Grover also thinks it’s a ‘western concept’.

But, there have been people who have spoken about how chronic work stress and burnout can crush a person’s confidence. In fact, a Bengaluru company also announced ‘Nap Time’ for employees to avoid this and boost their productivity.

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Taking to LinkedIn, the co-founder and CEO at Simpl, Nitya Sharma penned what he feels about burnout. According to him, “Burnout is not a product of overworking; it’s a product of procrastination.”

He further explains:

“Picture this: When you’re procrastinating, you’re not taking action. But in your head, the task is an open loop. This loop, unless closed, keeps taking mental energy from you. This causes mental fatigue aka “burnout”. Your will to work, liking of the task/job, and energy to execute have burned out. It comes full circle when we realize that people procrastinate out of fear and laziness. Fear that they won’t be able to do the extraordinary. Laziness to do the work it takes to match their reality to the version in their head. The only way to tackle burnout is by taking action (with realistic expectations). By closing the loop.” (sic)
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Read his OG post here:

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While he penned what he felt, people thought that he was wrong. They even schooled him.

These are his views and can differ from what people think. What are your opinions on this?

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