Ashneer Grover Says Burnout Is A ‘Western Concept’ As There’s No Hindi Word For It

Be it an employee or an entrepreneur, a manager or the CEO, almost everyone goes through workplace stress which needs to be managed efficiently. And if this gets haywire, chronic stress and exhaustion can lead to burnout.

But Shark Tank India’s ex-judge and entrepreneur Ashneer Grover thinks it’s a ‘western concept’.


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Recently, the Founder of BharatPe was in conversation with young entrepreneurs and answered their queries at a seminar. It was here that someone asked him how he prevents burnout.

Sharing his two cents about it, Grover said, “Burn out na thoda western concept lagta hai mujhe.”

“Hindi mein kabhi hota nahi ki ‘main jal gaya, bhun gaya’. Mai na Hindi k word dund raha hota hun k agar Hindi mein hai toh humara desi emotion hai, Hindi mein nahi hai toh yeh adopted emotion hai.”

(I feel burnout is a Western concept. I have never heard anyone say in Hindi that ‘I got burnt, or roasted.’ If it is in Hindi, then it is a desi emotion, if not then it is an adopted emotion).

After sharing his thoughts on the word ‘burnout’, he further divulged:

“Burn out mereko lagta hai sirf ek hi situation mein ho sakta hai ki fundamentally, jo bhi aap kar rahe ho, aapke dimag ka ek hissa aapko bol raha hai ki iska koi logic nahi hai. But aap, for some reason, usko kare jaa rahe ho. Only in that situation, jo hota hai na ki bande ka dimag chalna band ho gaya uske baad, voh tabhi ho sakta hai.”

(In my opinion, burnout can only happen if fundamentally, whatever you might be doing, your brain is telling you that this doesn’t make any sense. But you, for some reason, continue to do it. Only in that situation, one can say that they can’t function anymore.)

He adds, “Otherwise agar aapko maza aa raha hia toh aapki body ko ho sakta hai feel ho, aapko feel he nhi hoga. Vo thakaan he nhi hogi. Kabhi aesa hoga he nhi k mereyse utha nahi ja raha.”

“Agar aapko burnout ki feeling aa jae toh you have to stop and think hard k mai kar kya raha hun ana kahan se ye feeling aa rahi hai mereko. Baki, ye US (foeign) vale concept kam paalo yeh burn out shurn out.”

(Otherwise, if you’re enjoying what you’re doing then your body might feel it but you won’t feel the tiredness. And if you get the feeling of being burnt out then stop and think hard about what you’re doing wrong and from where is this feeling coming. Moreover, don’t adopt concepts like ‘burn out’ that come from the US.)


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Workplace stress is something a lot of us have gone through it and a lot are aware of it. But do you also think that people have adopted this ‘western concept’ and hyping it unnecessarily?

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