Indian Journo Talks About Experiencing ‘Burnout’ & Leaving Job, How It Can Crush Confidence

Many of us talk about working towards getting that dream job and once we get it, to give our best every day. We talk about being enthusiastic about the work we do, keeping a positive mindset, and giving our 100% to every project. What we don’t talk about is feeling burnt out.

People might experience burnouts after a continued period of giving their 100% to the work they do. Indian journalist Somesh Jha recently took to Twitter to talk about burnouts and reveal how he left his job because of it.

He said how burnouts can make you feel exhausted about the kind of work you once loved doing.

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He added how he experienced a lack of motivation and overall exhaustion.

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Finally, he asked people not to doubt or blame themselves if and when they experience burnout.

Several people online showered their support on Somesh. Many opened up about similar experiences of burnouts in their career.

Burnouts are not something that is spoken about often. Yet, it is a very real phenomenon that many experience. The more people talk about it, the more will they learn to deal with it. Don’t you think?

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