Should Divorce Be Normalized? Indians Debate What’s The Way To Handle A Failed Marriage

In our culture, marriage is seen as a sacred union not just between two individuals but between two families. A couple is expected to stick it out and make things work when the going gets tough. However, in recent times, many have advocated in favour of divorce when one is in an abusive or unhappy marriage.

People online have been debating whether divorce should be normalized in our society. You see, both women and men who have been divorced face social stigmatization. They are often called the ones who couldn’t glue a family together. Especially women, who are termed as “home breakers”, face a tough time after having undergone a divorce.

In many foreign countries, walking out of an unhappy marriage may seem easy. But in our country, it comes with a lot of judgement. However, many people online were in favour of normalizing divorce. Here’s what they said:

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On the other hand, there were numerous people who opined that marriage is a lot of work; it includes compromises and sacrifices. They asked people to protect their marriage till its last and if it still doesn’t work out, only then opt for divorce. Separation should be the last resort, many said.

What are your views on this topic? Tell us.

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